How to Cast a Spell for Beginners

When I first began looking into magick I was so excited to know what I thought was real this entire time is, but like a fabulously layered birthday cake there are realms above and below us that as humans we have blocked out. This is a very simple way to get started.

spellSpells are all about creating your reality. The world you live in now is based on your previous or consistent thought and behaviors of the past. If in the past you have constantly thought “I’m broke, I’m broke…” chances are Voila! You are broke. I really came to understand this concept a number of years ago after listening to the audiobook “The Secret”. This narrative is really just a mainstream way to talk about spell casting. And if you thought spell casting was about throwing fireballs out of your hands, well I hate to disappoint you. That is called Elemental Magick and while I’m sure someone could quite possibly manifest such a thing (perhaps not in our natural world) that’s not what general spell casting, or this post is about. Keep watching the movies.

But I digress.

The first step in casting is to have a goal in mind. What would you like? Keep this simple at first. Would you like a new pair of shoes, a day off of work, less strife in your life? Whatever it is, think of it and write it down.

Next take a few moments to stop and BE QUIET for Pete’s sake. Turn off or step away from all distractions and visualize this item or situation you want to have. Imagine it. Feel it inside and out. How happy does this thing make you feel? If you need help visualizing, here is a simple way to think of it in my other post: how-to-start-magickal-visualization/

Now take that thought and feeling and release it as a reality. Believe like you believe in the sun rising this thing will happen. Don’t let go of that feeling! Give it over to the Universe and know it is on it’s way. One of the contributors in The Secret made a great statement that sticks with me. “If you place your order in a catalog, you know your order is coming. You don’t go back to the catalog and place your order again and again.” Remember this. Trust yourself.

There are many many MANY other factors that come in to play in casting, but this should get you started. The Universe will not “poo poo” your spell if its not during the correct moon phase or on the right day or hour. Granted, strength can be found by the perfect alignment of such things but just getting used to the idea that you are a manifestor is what is most important. Now off you go! Make your day great!!

Blessed Be!


2 thoughts on “How to Cast a Spell for Beginners

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    1. honeyed moon Post author

      Hmmm…that is a loaded question. It depends on how you practice your magick. If you are goal setting or wanting something you have to remember magick is not of this realm. There is no “speed up” or “slow down” as there is no time. Things happen as they should. If you are spell casting you could add shi shi oil which is believed to bring faster results…You also have to practice practice practice on focusing your will.


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