How To Start Magickal Visualization

“I’m not creative! I’m not imaginative!”

Bah! Don’t ever say those words again. I will prescribe you a full day of Crayola Crayons and coloring books. EVERYONE is creative and imaginative.

Color for one full day and message me in the morning


There is not a child in the world who doesn’t draw or make things. Somewhere along the way someone convinced you that what you were doing wasn’t good enough. Well just forget that all together and let’s get back on track to the authentic person you are. Here is a short exercise to get your ideas flowing.

Visualizing Exercise:

Close your eyes. Think of a hot summer day. Sweltering hot. Texas heat 105 degrees of hot. No clouds in the sky, no breeze, just hot oven air. Now imagine a beautiful swimming pool in front of you. It’s deep clear blue waters. Smell the chlorine from the water and sunscreen from the other swimmers. Now think about how GREAT its going to feel to jump into this clean cool swimming pool. (this is your desire) Then imagine yourself getting in however you like. Cannon ball, a beautiful dive or just a slow submersion. How wonderful it feels! How refreshing!! (this is your actualizing)



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