How to Practice Magick

If I began by telling you practicing magick was the easiest thing in the world and anyone can do it, I would be lying. When I first began looking into magick every website I went to touted how easy it is! Anyone can cast a spell! on and on…and this is partly true.

The whole truth is that yes, anyone can cast a spell but if you are just a one-off light your candle on the weekend or to your patron saint, you might not want to bother.

Practicing magick becomes a way of life. Casting effective spells is a benefit and doing so well is something you learn. It’s not like baking. You don’t gather the ingredients put them together and say bippity-bobbity-boo.Magick (to me) is learning about “your will” and how to focus your desires. It is a journey of one’s soul to figure out our life’s lessons. If you are just thinking about  casting a banishing spell to rid your life of this or that, or casting a prosperity spell to get more money, you are missing the point. And perhaps your spell will work. To a degree. But I can almost guarantee you the Universe will present you with the same set of circumstances again until you have learned your life’s lesson from it. Trust me on this one. 🙂 Once I figured this out,  I felt a “life lesson” shortcut show up.

For instance, say you are always having money trouble, always short on rent you never get what you want…on and on. Sure, go ahead do a money spell. For a time your problem might be solved, because I believe the Universe does listen. But did you learn anything? Did you stop to think YOU might be causing your money problems? Did you take your part in the situation and evaluate your actions, your spending habits your inability to control your spending etc. If not, then you haven’t done your part. You have simply put a band-aid over a problem (with a spell) Eventually the band-aid comes off and the process begins again.

Practicing magick

So my advice on how to practice magick is to begin by aknowledging  it is a process towards self advancement. It is about addressing positive or negative things that happen in your life and evaluating your part in them. It is about asking for spiritual guidance however it is that you do this and THEN deciding if a spell is beneficial. Practicing magick is a beautiful self enriching process. Look forward to the journey and not just the ending. Blessed Be


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