How to Protect Your Energy and Spirit

Oddly enough, or maybe not so…my journey into the occult began with my need to protect my energy base and sense of well being. As an empath (which I didn’t know the term for) I would constantly feel drained or reinvigorated depending on who I was around. My mood swings were erratic at times and not even I could predict myself. My entire being hinged on my surroundings and I felt a constant dis-ease.


It wasn’t until I met an “energy vampire” I had to seriously look into how to protect myself. It was also the pressing spiritual realm into my life. The whole cliche “I see dead people” is not cool as a working professional. Yet, I didn’t know how to control the flow or, at times barrage of information. I am not even going to say now I am a master of that. But my partner would comment on how I would look completely drained after being with this specific person. I would sleep for 10 or more hours to try and “rest up”. So I started looking into regaining my energy and discovered a whole new world.

I will fast forward through this part and assume you are on this path of spiritual discovery. Here is what you need to do.

First. EVERYDAY for 5-15 minutes, hell even 2 is better than nothing! Spend building up your white light of protection. To me, the white light is God enveloping me, you can equate it to the Christian idea of “putting on the armor of God” or just imagine it as the universe. Whatever floats your boat. The point is, you spend some time with your eyes closed in solitude imagining a beautiful white light raining down upon you. If you don’t have privacy, do it in the shower.There are some great guided meditations to help you through this. Just go to iTunes and search white light meditation.aura





Second. You MUST ground and center. Connecting yourself to the spiritual earth will help  you not feel at the mercy of the emotions of those around you. Ariel with the DCW has an amazing podcast you can find on iTunes as well. Episode 2A is on grounding and centering.grounding







Third. Work on pulling up your mental shield. I can’t give much direction on this as I am still in practice myself, but I imagine an impenetrable wall to my mind and spirit (constantly reinforced with my grounding and centering) I know there is a way to only let what you want in, but I am still perfecting that. 🙂mental shield


I will certainly keep you posted! Please feel free to leave any comments to build on these basic principles. I appreciate the conversation!


3 thoughts on “How to Protect Your Energy and Spirit

  1. Carol Morrissey

    I can relate to what you are speaking about. Just the other day I felt as if every human being around me was taking every bit of energy I could expend to the point I was looking around to see who else besides the three people in the room with me was tapping my energy. I have begun centering and grounding myself and stretching and exercising more to avoid fatigue. Music also grounds me.

  2. aznelrofa

    This is a great and all inclusive post as to how to protect yourself from the outside world. About two years ago I realized that I was living with an energy vampire, and it’s important to protect yourself from their energies. Another tip is to consciously be aware around these types of people. Usually I take a moment to recognize if the feelings I’m feeling are actually mine, or theirs! Aventurine is an amazing stone, too! Right on.


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