Do You Have to Cast a Circle for Spells?

For pete’s sake no. If I cast a circle every time I did a spell I wouldn’t have time for anything else! So until I can “quit my day job”, circles are left for special events…like connecting with my familiar or giving reverence to God/Goddess.

casting circles

Since I have been exploring different types and belief systems within the occult I have moved more  away from circle casting, but I am seeing a new perspective on how to use circles-to hold in energy, build it and then release.

I think so long as you have your “sacred space” that you have cleared for your magick work, you should feel confident whenever you enter this space. Jung relates the circle to temenos or “safe spot” where magick work can be done. This can be in a garden, in a special room…whatever area you have set aside.

It is always important (to me) to make sure to ground and center myself. Even though I do this every morning; this is essential before entering into a magickal state.



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