Keeping Christ in Christian

This will probably come off more as a rant than anything. I can’t imagine a great many Christians reading this or, my writing causing a great shift in the current state of the matter, but still I feel I need to get it off of my chest.

Let me preface what I am about to say that while I practice magick, I consider myself Christian. Maybe Christian with a little salt and lime. 😉 My magick practice (for me) serves as an enrichment to my beliefs and my life.

chrisMy first complaint is with drivers. For the love! The world sees your bumper stickers yet you still act the way you do! Don’t you know you are a reflection of what God’s love is??? Isn’t that why you added that sticker? Or was it simply in support of your church’s fund raiser? If you are going to drive a car with the a fish on the back, a cross, or any other emblem confessing your religion please don’t cut me off in traffic, don’t whip into parking spots ahead of someone and do not give the finger. Also, the Keeping “Christ in Christmas” bumper stickers truly show the lack of education within the population. Christmas began as a pagan celebration sooo…..we kinda took over the holiday. :/ Show some respect. One (or all), should be keeping their focus on keeping Christ in Christian instead of worrying about what the hell we call the tree during the season.

From my experience, there seems to be a haughtiness among those claiming to be Christian. It makes me sad that I cannot be more open in the way I practice my faith with those around me. One risks being personally and professionally black balled. It is the way of our American society though and perhaps it makes me stronger. I would like to think so. But maybe if “they” could just see the hateful aura they put off “they” would want to change.

tamI am not a Sunday-church-going-Tammy-Faye-Baker-look-a-like. There is an eclectic-ness in humanity that is pushed off by those beautiful, middle class Americans with their Banana Republic shirts and Ann Taylor suits. But Christianity is not just going to church on Sunday. I’m not saying that there are not some true characters in the mix, but overall I would categorize the modern Protestant Christian in this way. Christianity is a way of life and many people ignore this aspect. It is a path chosen to bring yourself into a closer connection with God and the Universe.  It requires discipline, study– and above all an open heart and mind. I think people have taken this “share the word of God” to extremes and the outcome has been a loss in culture as well as the isolation of other spiritual practitioners such as myself. Case in point (although the example is outside Christianity it is a mindset many hold with their religion), I was briefly friends with a mormon once, but when she gave me the DVD on “Becoming Mormon” for my birthday it was all over. I am fine with the way I am.

Here is my problem with contemporary churches. You should go to church to praise the Lord in harmony so that the voice of your congregation rings through the halls of heaven filling God with great joy. Did someone forget that? CHURCHThese mega-churches with their souvenir stores and Starbucks inside are rediculous. Also, I don’t agree with the messages nowadays which I suppose lends to part of the problem and the belief that magick is sinful and of “the devil”. If you really believe magick is still bad, read this article. It is beautiful and well written. Let me tell you, if I were to whip out my wand and start singing and swaying there would be a burning. Just because I do these things, does not diminish who I am before God so please stop judging. It is because of this ignorance that much of my life is spent in solitude.

Another reason why I feel there needs to be a renewed interest in Christianity as a way of life is best told in a story. When I was in college waiting tables I would work on Sundays. EVERYONE hated working Sundays. And no, it’s not because we considered it a day of rest, it was because we knew when the “Christians” got out of church they would be flocking in. Forgetting the sermon they just heard, barking and demanding orders, rolling eyes and having an overall pompous attitude. They were also, for the most part horrible tippers, so there was no payoff- just grunt work. It was during this time in my life I began thinking someone should really record this and show these people next Sunday what assholes they are. But no one did.

So my plea is, if there were to be a conservative Christian reading this, stop spreading the bad news about Christianity through your actions. Start focusing on the love of our God. Work on embracing all that God brings to you. Stop judging. Stop standing on the street corners yelling at people about what you think. It’s not helping. Stop focusing on the negative aspects and take a lesson from Mother Teresa and focus on the positive. Christianity is about God’s love, not your silly bible study group, not your silly bumper stickers and certainly not your “repost if you love God” Facebook statuses- so lets try not to forget that.

Blessed Be.


4 thoughts on “Keeping Christ in Christian

  1. Sarajane :)

    great point!! 🙂 And I am in the Body Of Jesus Christ, we all could learn from this.. Blessed Be in Yeshua 🙂 love this 🙂

  2. Suzy Landriana

    I could not have said this better myself. You addressed every single issue I have felt and I won’t even start on the hypocritical catholic doctrine…
    I don’t have a printer presently and use my cell phone got Internet. I would love to get a copy of this to frame and put over my alter! If there’s any chance if getting one mailed to me I’ll gladly pay postage!
    Well done my sister! I too, am a Solitary and wish I had at least one dear sister that I could study with and celebrate with etc.
    beautifully written and blessed be! )O(


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