Making Spell Paper

I love using herbs in my spells. Whether I am creating a tea, making candles, dressing them…the innate power of the herbs themselves lend another layer of power. As of late, I’ve started infusing my paper with herbs and not just essential oils. I quite literally take the herbs I would use within a spell say something I would put in a mojo bag, grind them all up with the pulp for paper, press it and lay it out. The results are just beautiful! I have these homemade sheets that are sturdy, unique and powerful. I’ve also experimented with adding essential oils and embossing.

Ultimately I will be compiling a variety of papers into a big grimoire as well as specific books depending on the type of work I am doing. I have some paper available on Etsy, like love spell paper or success spell paper and you can always contact me about creating a sheet to fit your needs. But here, I wanted to provide some easy DIY instructions on how you can make your own if you so choose.

First, you will need to gather some tools. It was a real bitch for me to figure out with just an internet search (hence the blog). You can BUY a paper making kit, which is expensive to the point of it being stupid, or you can make your own kit. I opted to make my own. Here is a list of what all I gathered:

supplies for making spell paper

-One plastic tub (big enough to submerse the frame used as the deckle)

-one rolling pin


-window screen and hook needle screen

-starch (this helps the inks from soaking into the paper fibers)

– water color paper for pressing


-paper, pulp, cards whatever you want to use

-herbs for your spell (try not to pick bulky ones since you will have to write on the paper)

-deckle (here is a great DIY on making your own deckle and mold)

1. Pick the paper you are going to use, tear it into tiny pieces and place in the blender. Add enough water to cover the paper. Next add your herbs. Place on high for about 30 seconds until your paper and herbs are nice and soupy.

*Note: Do NOT use the same blender you use for your food. The little bits of paper never seem to come all the way out. 🙂

2. Next, you should have your basin filled with water. Again, just enough to submerge your deckle. I put my basin in the sink as this part is a bit messy.

3. Place your deckle and mold into the basin and pour your contents in. You can put your hand in and agitate the water and paper a bit to make sure it is evenly distributed. You can at this time add a bit of starch to the mixture so that your inks don’t run.

4. Pull the deckle and mold up, letting the water drain out. Do this sloooowly.

5. Remove the deckle from the mold. You can place a bit of felt or another piece of screen on top of the paper and very gently press some of the water out. I used the screens you can get a a craft store for the hook needling. Be super careful when doing this. It might take a bit of practice, but you want to press out any little bubbles.

6. Now transfer the mold (with a screen on top) to a flat surface you feel comfortable pressing down hard on.

7. You will need to place the watercolor paper on top of your mold and flip it over so that the water color paper has the mold on top. Gently remove the mold from the screens.

8. Use the sponge again to press out any water. Fold the other side of the water color paper on top of the wet sheet and use the rolling pin to remove any access water.

9. Leave out to dry. Once they dry, you can peel them off of the watercolor paper. Voila! you have created your paper!

spell paper drying

spell paper drying

It will take some practice, but it is a fun project. You definitely feel more connected to your paper after this!


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