Day 8 of my novena

Giving thanks. What is truly awesome about St. Mary is I see her not only working on me but on my entire family. She is filling our home with possibilities and joy!

I had the conversation with my husband about this very thing. It seems we (as people) feel we are not deserving to have it all. The thought of “if I have this, then I give up this.” In this particular case, “if I have this job that makes me happy, I give up the money from this job where I’m not happy.”

My reply or conclusion after the past eight days of spending with Mary is, why cant we have both? Who says or decides we can’t have all things that bring us joy? Certainly not God, not the Universe, not the Goddess…so it must be our finite selves that add these limitations. It is when we understand, and accept, and trust that all things are possible; things out of this world can happen.

My other reflection was, why am I so surprised to see the miracles happening around me? Did I not come and ask the angels and Mary for intercession? Did I not honestly and truly believe or feel my spiritual strength to be strong enough to pull these desires towards me?

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 9.27.06 AMI think, even after all of the spells I have done, the intercessions, prayers etc. I am still filled with wonderment regarding the spiritual realm. Yet, the closer I draw the more I am able to “see”. It is all really a wondrous thing. Who would have thought a novena would strengthen my faith in believing how I construct my reality is how it shall be. I guess we all “know” and “say” these things but now I feel I walk without a shadow of a doubt that what I feel in my heart or want in my life will, most certainly come to pass.

But with that said, The knowledge of “what to do next” isn’t of my own doing. It was by spending the time in meditation and opening myself up. It is most certainly the most important part.


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