How do you make a Skeleton Hallows Eve Wreath?

wreath_finishedSo let me first start out by saying this is not a DIY crafty blog. BUT I had so much fun making this wreath I wanted to share it. I found a photo of it on pinterest so I know someone else has recreated it, but this is a recount of my process. It’s like the raw uncut version. 🙂 I, frankly am sick and tired of seeing all of this crap “made in China” in everyone’s front yard. Let’s get back to the roots people! Let’s talk about WHY we celebrate Samhain or Dios de los muertos etc. But I digress. So here is my super cool and fun wreath that no one else in suburbia has.

First of all, I went to the Dollar Store and got some plastic skeletons, a package of glowy creepy bugs and just some regular plastic bugs from the toy aisle. Michaels is next door so I went there to pick up an already made wreath. The damn things are expensive. So, I went to Lows and got some pipe insulation and spray paint. The bugs aren’t pictured here because I initially did not plan to use them. I had only bought 4 skeletons though so I had some space to fill. Also I had the glue gun but you will need this too. Hindsight: buy more skeletons.

step one

You will want to cut and tape the pipe insulation into whatever size you would like. Then dismember the skeletons. I cut some of the legs apart as well.

pipe insulation for DIY skeleton wreath

Next, I put all of the big parts on first. Then systematically glued the other pieces on as they would fit.


I was left with some empty holes so decided to throw some little bugs in too. Overall, I’m pretty happy with it. It came out cool. 🙂 It only took a couple of hours so makes for a nice afternoon project.




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