How to Ward off Evil Spirits

mundraThe Bhutadamara Mundra is known as a spirit-subduing gesture. Although I feel like I am practicing gang signs I suppose if I were to use it in the presence of gangster it my still be useful! lol

This mundra is specific to the four-armed form Vajrapani who is one of the three protecting spirits surrounding the Buddha.

vajrapani protection

This spirit is one of the most widely mentioned in Indian spiritual text. Vairanani is known as the “spirit-subduer”.

Using the sign to ward evil:

Cross your right arm in front of the left and level with your heart. I have also seen the sign formed by linking the little fingers to create the idea of a linking chain across Self. I suppose if you are striking your pose on the fly don’t spend too much time trying to wriggle those little guys together. Your palms should be facing outwards and the ring finger down to form a circle.

garudaThe index finger pointing straight out outwards on either side in the threatening forefinger or tarjani gesture.  The shape you create should resemble out-stretched wings of the garuda. The garuda which resembles a bird is said to terrify all malignant spirits.


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