How to Make Lysol Naturally

I have been dormant for a while. My novena was answered and with that, I have had much adjusting to do. What did I expect? LOL I have a great job now working with a nonprofit and helping others. I am very happy! So I will be back on the writing wagon again. Another unexpected hitch was that I came down with a little cold bug. I have sat and thought for days about something positive to being sick. I came up with: 1. I will appreciate my health more when I’m not 2. and time to watch more documentaries. So my focus during my sickness has been on healing. Healing the planet, healing my body, healing spirituality etc. The first thing I’ve done is realized I should stop spraying my home with chemicals such as Lysol and move back towards natural alternatives. That, and I need to buy a juicer… But at any rate, here is what I’ve put together for you to use in your home too if you would desire.

how to make lysol naturally

how to make Lysol naturally

Each of these essential oils have very strong antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Many blessings! And Enjoy!


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