Book of Shadows

A compilation of images to add to your book of shadows

energy fields


Sigils for Magick

Sigils for Magick

Alchemy Symbols
Alchemy Symbols

9 thoughts on “Book of Shadows

  1. Rev: Joshua C, VanValkenberg

    I’m a third degree high priests and founder of the American Apostolic Tradition of the Craft.

      1. honeyed moon Post author

        Thank you for visiting! There should be a “follow” button at the top of the page. If you click that it will add you in for notifications. 🙂

  2. kristi

    Can someone use a sigil in a negative way? Such as the money attraction amulet? If an ill intention is put on it and place in say, someone’s place of business, can it have the opposite effect?

  3. chigym

    hi, I was wondering if it possible to use one of sigils in a negative way. (not planning on doing this – I think it was done to someone I know) If a person had an ill-intent and used the money attraction amulet and placed it in someone’s place of business – would it then have the opposite effect? Thanks in advance for any responses

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