How to Make Lysol Naturally

I have been dormant for a while. My novena was answered and with that, I have had much adjusting to do. What did I expect? LOL I have a great job now working with a nonprofit and helping others. I am very happy! So I will be back on the writing wagon again. Another unexpected hitch was that I came down with a little cold bug. I have sat and thought for days about something positive to being sick. I came up with: 1. I will appreciate my health more when I’m not 2. and time to watch more documentaries. So my focus during my sickness has been on healing. Healing the planet, healing my body, healing spirituality etc. The first thing I’ve done is realized I should stop spraying my home with chemicals such as Lysol and move back towards natural alternatives. That, and I need to buy a juicer… But at any rate, here is what I’ve put together for you to use in your home too if you would desire.

how to make lysol naturally

how to make Lysol naturally

Each of these essential oils have very strong antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Many blessings! And Enjoy!

How to Ward off Evil Spirits

mundraThe Bhutadamara Mundra is known as a spirit-subduing gesture. Although I feel like I am practicing gang signs I suppose if I were to use it in the presence of gangster it my still be useful! lol

This mundra is specific to the four-armed form Vajrapani who is one of the three protecting spirits surrounding the Buddha.

vajrapani protection

This spirit is one of the most widely mentioned in Indian spiritual text. Vairanani is known as the “spirit-subduer”.

Using the sign to ward evil:

Cross your right arm in front of the left and level with your heart. I have also seen the sign formed by linking the little fingers to create the idea of a linking chain across Self. I suppose if you are striking your pose on the fly don’t spend too much time trying to wriggle those little guys together. Your palms should be facing outwards and the ring finger down to form a circle.

garudaThe index finger pointing straight out outwards on either side in the threatening forefinger or tarjani gesture.  The shape you create should resemble out-stretched wings of the garuda. The garuda which resembles a bird is said to terrify all malignant spirits.

Day 9 of my novena

novena virgin maryI am wrapping up my novena today once again giving thanks. Since I woke up grumpy it is hard for me to keep my eye on the prize. I think I will spend a little more time this morning with my candle lit and focusing. I feel like a little girl before opening my birthday presents. You know when your parents tell you that pleasantries and cake and whatnot have to come first? argh. Ultimately my spell and request for intercession is complete. So Mote it Be.

How do you make a Skeleton Hallows Eve Wreath?

wreath_finishedSo let me first start out by saying this is not a DIY crafty blog. BUT I had so much fun making this wreath I wanted to share it. I found a photo of it on pinterest so I know someone else has recreated it, but this is a recount of my process. It’s like the raw uncut version. 🙂 I, frankly am sick and tired of seeing all of this crap “made in China” in everyone’s front yard. Let’s get back to the roots people! Let’s talk about WHY we celebrate Samhain or Dios de los muertos etc. But I digress. So here is my super cool and fun wreath that no one else in suburbia has.

First of all, I went to the Dollar Store and got some plastic skeletons, a package of glowy creepy bugs and just some regular plastic bugs from the toy aisle. Michaels is next door so I went there to pick up an already made wreath. The damn things are expensive. So, I went to Lows and got some pipe insulation and spray paint. The bugs aren’t pictured here because I initially did not plan to use them. I had only bought 4 skeletons though so I had some space to fill. Also I had the glue gun but you will need this too. Hindsight: buy more skeletons.

step one

You will want to cut and tape the pipe insulation into whatever size you would like. Then dismember the skeletons. I cut some of the legs apart as well.

pipe insulation for DIY skeleton wreath

Next, I put all of the big parts on first. Then systematically glued the other pieces on as they would fit.


I was left with some empty holes so decided to throw some little bugs in too. Overall, I’m pretty happy with it. It came out cool. 🙂 It only took a couple of hours so makes for a nice afternoon project.



Day 8 of my novena

Giving thanks. What is truly awesome about St. Mary is I see her not only working on me but on my entire family. She is filling our home with possibilities and joy!

I had the conversation with my husband about this very thing. It seems we (as people) feel we are not deserving to have it all. The thought of “if I have this, then I give up this.” In this particular case, “if I have this job that makes me happy, I give up the money from this job where I’m not happy.”

My reply or conclusion after the past eight days of spending with Mary is, why cant we have both? Who says or decides we can’t have all things that bring us joy? Certainly not God, not the Universe, not the Goddess…so it must be our finite selves that add these limitations. It is when we understand, and accept, and trust that all things are possible; things out of this world can happen.

My other reflection was, why am I so surprised to see the miracles happening around me? Did I not come and ask the angels and Mary for intercession? Did I not honestly and truly believe or feel my spiritual strength to be strong enough to pull these desires towards me?

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 9.27.06 AMI think, even after all of the spells I have done, the intercessions, prayers etc. I am still filled with wonderment regarding the spiritual realm. Yet, the closer I draw the more I am able to “see”. It is all really a wondrous thing. Who would have thought a novena would strengthen my faith in believing how I construct my reality is how it shall be. I guess we all “know” and “say” these things but now I feel I walk without a shadow of a doubt that what I feel in my heart or want in my life will, most certainly come to pass.

But with that said, The knowledge of “what to do next” isn’t of my own doing. It was by spending the time in meditation and opening myself up. It is most certainly the most important part.

Day 7 of my novena

Wowza! Yesterday I was completely synchronized. I felt like I was outside of myself watching all the wonderful things transpiring. It was all surreal and I just kept thinking “really? is this really happening?” It was like watching the ending of a movie where the whole story comes together. And it was simply amazing.  Another day to give thanks to the Blessed Mary and the angels for interceding on my behalf.


Day 6 of my novena

I felt yesterday my petition had been answered. I was suddenly more “in sync” with the Universe. Today for my novena I have switched from asking to giving thanks. 

day 6 of my novena

day 6 of my novena

Upon Mary’s death and assumption into heaven, God chose her to be the treasurer, the administrator and the dispenser of all his graces, so that all his graces and gifts pass through her hands according to St. Louis De Montfort an 18th century French priest best known as a champion of devotion to Mary.